Google Spreadsheet

1. Google spreadsheet is a excel spreadsheet on google that lets a bunch of people work on the same project.
2. We used this program to see which is the better class (7E is).
3. This program can be used for a bunch of other things that can be a multi-person activity.
4. 7E is the better class because we probably have more stamps which could either mean: We are more persistant or we are better behaved.

Reflection on Term 3 Report

My term 3 report was more than acceptable for my standards, yet I feel a bit upset when I saw all the good reports then I saw my art report. I don’t understand why I got pretty much all perfect scores then I get a low. This isn’t the first time my report has been mixed up and I wish for this matter to be taken more carefully. I wish to prove upon understanding the report more civilized and not take it all to heart but I also do wish that my report wouldn’t have any errors in the final report.

Finished Project and Self Evaluation for ‘The Nerve Tester Game’

Does the game work as intended?: The game works pretty good. It could be functioning better thought but it is good.

If you changed anything on your design to final project, why?: I got rid of the background and just kept the cow because I felt like it looked better without it.

What could I do to improve it?: I could hide my wires a bit better and improve my hot gluing.

What was the easiest part of the construction and why?: Designing it was the easiest for me because you just had to come up with and idea.

What was the most difficult part and why?: The most difficult part in my opinion was putting the wiring together because I got a bit confused but O figured it out.

Reliable and Unreliable websites

To find a reliable website it has to be based on facts, not opinions. Also you have to check when it was last updated, if it was last updated in 2001 then it is probably not a reliable source and if you are not sure about the author or if it is an anonymous then it is not that good. If it has an author you know or trust, been recently updated and is about facts then you have a reliable source.
E.g: “> < Unreliable source or UFO sightings due to only one person noticed it. -Reliable global warming due to the fact that it is all based on facts.

Report and achievements

I have checked my report and honestly I think it is ok, I could probably improve on class behavior and how much work I get done in a certain amount of time. There are also alot more things I could improve on but I have achieved alot this semester also. I think my main improvement is my confidence, at the start of the year if I talked to someone new I think I would have ran off but now half way through the year I am quiet confident around the class!

Cyber Safety

Cyber safety and how to keep yourself safe! The world of online chat rooms and social media can get a bit out of hand and you don’t want to give out to much of your personal details, for example your full name and address, if a webstite asks for your address just say the state you live in, not the street. Also when you are online, you should be careful about what you say and watch what they say, you don’t want to be chatting with a bunch of 50 year old perverts!

Multiple Intelligence Survey

My main intelligence(s) are : Visual/Spatial, Kinaesthetic and Naturlistic.

The score I got for all of them was 13.

My other intellegence is: Musical.

I agree with this because – Visual/Spatial- I love to draw, craft things and all of that kind of stuff. Kinaesthetic- I love sports and being active. Naturlistic- I am not so sure about this one because I dont care about plants but I like planting things. Musical- I like playing drums, but I dont like making music.